Campaign launched to find heirs for Holocaust assets

A nonprofit entity set up by the Israeli government is launching a campaign to find the North American heirs of Holocaust victims entitled to unclaimed assets.

The Hashava Co., established by a 2006 law, is seeking to find the rightful heirs of more than 60,000 unclaimed assets held in Israel in an effort that was to launch Sept. 13.

Thousands of Jews across Europe had invested in pre-state Israel prior to World War II, and those investments have continued to grow.

The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets in Israel, or Hashava — Hebrew for restitution — has set up an online database allowing individuals to search for family names.

The campaign, scheduled to last until mid-November, includes media advertisements, as well as outreach to synagogues and Jewish organizations in the United States and Canada. — jta