Pro-Palestinian activists stopped at West Bank border

Pro-Palestinian activists were denied entry into the West Bank from Jordan by Israeli authorities.

Approximately 100 members of the Welcome to Palestine movement attempted to cross into the West Bank via the Allenby Bridge on Aug. 26.

The activists said they were carrying one ton of school supplies to give to Palestinian children in Bethlehem-area refugee camps, the Associated Press reported.

They traveled in two buses: One crossed from Jordan to the Israeli side of the crossing, where it was denied entry. The second was not permitted to leave Jordan, according to reports.

In April, Welcome to Palestine campaign activists arrived from several European countries and North America at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, where they declared their intention to travel to the West Bank to highlight Israeli travel restrictions. Dozens were detained at the airport, and dozens more were prevented from leaving from their points of origin.

In 2010, some 300 activists flew to Israel for a protest fly-in. About 120 were detained. — jta