My purpose is to make people happy, says Israels first religious female DJ

“God is my business partner and we DJ together,” says Netanela, Israel’s first religious female DJ. The 29-year-old professional DJ has separate performances for men and women, and allows no profanity.

She does a sound check while checking that the partition between the men and women is in place, and rocks the crowd to the sounds of the latest Hassidic hits.

“My family didn’t really love the idea,” she admits, “and the religious public didn’t really know how to take it. But I believe that my purpose is to make people happy — and God graced me with this talent.”

When she’s invited to a venue, she first finds out about the nature of the event. “I received many offers to perform at secular events, but even though they offered me a great deal of money, I refused,” she notes.

“[Clients] who really want me compromise and place partitions. Sometimes my secular relatives who invite me to a family event say they’ve never seen a show like mine — even in secular circles where you can find everything.”

Every few days she goes into her studio, puts on her headphones and does her thing. “I play everything,” she declares, but immediately qualifies: “If the words are immodest I censure them. I play what the customer wants me to — Hebrew, Hassidic, trance and dance music.”

Netanela performs at weddings, parties, national religious music festivals and even a massive event for 30,000 Hassidic men in the U.S. —