Fundraiser fails, but hope lives for Woody Allen Israel film

Though it garnered global media attention, match point was never reached with the “Woody Allen Israel Project.”

The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, which organized the online crowdsource fundraiser, sought to raise $9 million toward financing a Woody Allen film to be shot in Israel. As the target goal was not met by the Aug. 23 deadline — 39 people pledged funds — the  fundraiser is now closed, and none of the pledges will be collected.

Rob Eshman, editor and publisher of the Journal, first proposed the notion of Allen making a movie in Israel in a July 4 column, and hoped the fundraiser would help convince Allen to do so. Eshman knew from the outset, however, that reaching the $9 million target was unlikely.

“The crowdsource effort was a great way to draw attention to it,” Eshman told j. last week, “and now we’re working with some investors who may be interested. Woody Allen’s sister Letty Aronson told us he is open to the idea.  So we are moving forward the old fashioned way— with other people’s money.”

Eshman is a lifelong fan of the prolific Jewish filmmaker, who is currently shooting in San Francisco and Marin for his next movie. — dan pine

Dan Pine

Dan Pine is J.'s news editor. He can be reached at