ADL defends Texas schools diversity policy

The Anti-Defamation League is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the University of Texas’ efforts to assemble a diverse student body.

The ADL announced Aug. 10 that it has filed an amicus brief in defense of the school’s admissions policies.

“We believe that the university has used the proper means to achieve a diverse student body,” said the ADL’s national director, Abraham Foxman, and its national chair, Robert Sugarman, in a statement.

The school’s policies are being challenged by two white women who applied to the university and allege that they were discriminated against because of their race. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case, and its eventual ruling could have profound consequences for the future of affirmative action.

The ADL distinguished the University of Texas’ policies from those that it has opposed in the past, noting that Texas “does not impose quotas, assign people to categories based on their race, or use race as a determinative factor in making admissions decisions.” — jta