Rockets fired into southern Israel

Dozens of rockets and mortar shells were fired into southern Israel after Israel’s air force struck a terrorist squad in Gaza.

Residents of southern Israel’s Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, located at the border of Israel, Gaza and Egypt, were instructed to stay indoors after the start of the Aug. 5 nighttime barrage.

Israeli tanks reportedly returned fire, aiming at launching areas inside Gaza, Palestinian sources reported, according to Israeli media. One person was killed, Ha’aretz reported.

The strike against the terrorist squad, announced by the Israel Defense Forces in an Aug. 5 statement, targeted Global Jihad-affiliated terrorists.

According to the IDF, one of the squad members, Ahmed Sai’d Isma’il, was among the leaders of the June 18 terror attack adjacent to the Israel-Egypt border in which an Israeli civilian was killed.

Sai’d was not the person killed, according to reports, but the IDF said he was among several Global Jihad members who were planning to execute a terror attack against Israeli civilians via the Israel-Egypt border.

“Whoever intends to attack us must know that our long arm will find him,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement praising the operation. — jta