Tikkun wants no U.S. support for strike

Tikkun has launched an effort to raise money for an advertisement that will attempt to put public pressure on President Barack Obama to not OK, either overtly or covertly, a preemptive Israeli strike on nuclear sites in Iran, according to an email from the Berkeley-based magazine.

The email from Rabbi Michael Lerner, the magazine’s editor, noted that Tikkun wants to put an ad in the New York Times and other media, “depending on how much money we can raise.”

Wrote Lerner: “A ‘preemptive strike’ on Iran could easily lead to a new war in which the U.S. felt it had to defend Israel from Iranian retaliations, or in which Iran attacked U.S. interests in retaliation (knowing that Israel would not go through with an attack unless it had gotten at least covert assurances from the Obama administration that it would provide protection for Israel, even if publicly it denied ever giving such assurances).”

The content of the ad can be viewed at www.tikkun.org/iran.