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‘Hangover’ for teens

Todd Phillips

The comedy “Project X” opens Friday, March 2. It is produced by Todd Phillips, 41, director of the huge “Hangover” hit films. The plot: Three teens decide to throw and video-document a big party. But as more and more people arrive, things get completely out of hand. Playing the teens are newcomers Oliver Cooper, 22, Jonathan Daniel Brown, 22, and Thomas Mann (about 22).

“X” is their first feature. Cooper grew up in Ohio. He did some comedy videos in Los Angeles (for “Funny or Die”) before “Project X.” He also did “The Lois Levine Show,” a YouTube series on which he played a 67-year-old Jewish woman who hosted a talk show out of her living room. I know less about Brown, but he mentions he is Jewish on Facebook and Twitter.


Something for tweens

On Feb. 4, the Nickelodeon cable channel premiered “How to Rock,” a series aimed at tweens.

The star character is Kacey Simon (played by Cymphonique Miller). She’s a once-popular girl who goes through an awkward stage (braces, etc.) that causes the popular crowd to drop her. She decides to become the lead singer of a pop/hip-hop band, where she meets a cool, handsome guitarist named Zander (Max Schneider, 19). The Manhattan-raised Schneider sings and writes songs, and he has some Broadway experience. In 2010, he was plucked from obscurity to pose with Madonna in an ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian fashion house. In a video recently posted on YouTube, Schneider said he is Jewish and had a bar mitzvah.

Halston Sage, 18, who plays “mean girl” Grace in a rival band, also appears in the video, and it seems she is saying she is Jewish, too. Other bio clues make me virtually certain Sage is Jewish.


Leo knows what he likes

Erin Heatherton

From 2005 to mid-2011, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, 37, had an on-and-off romantic relationship with top Israeli model and Sports Illustrated “cover girl” Bar Refaeli, 26. A few months ago, a friend mentioned that DiCaprio would probably go out and find another blonde Jewish model. I said, who would that be? His answer: Erin Heatherton, 22. She’s been a top Victoria’s Secret model for two years. Heatherton was born Erin Bubley and grew up in Skokie, Ill., where she attended a Solomon Schechter Day School for her primary education.

Sure enough, in December, photos of the pair in each other’s company showed up in the tabloids. In January, pics of their Mexican vacation were all over the Internet. Last week, however, there was a report that DiCaprio was a bad boy on an Australian trip and Erin-Leo may be a short-lived thing.

Opponents of interfaith dating will be cheered to know that DiCaprio may have exhausted the supply of top blonde Jewish models. However, if he’s willing to go “mega cougar town,” the often-blonde Lauren Bacall, 87, who began as a model, is single.

Star’s bevy of women

The ABC series “GCB” starts at 10 p.m. Sunday, March 4. The show follows the lives of five middle-age Dallas women who were former high school friends. The producer is Darren Star, 50, and “GCB” is very much in the mode of other shows he created (“Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Sex in the City”).

Miriam Shor, 40, plays Cricket Caruth-Reilly, a powerful real estate agent whose husband is gay. Shor, whose father is Jewish, learned fluent Yiddish at the Detroit Workingman’s Circle school. She has had starring roles in several short-lived series (“Inside Schwartz,” “Big Day” and “Swingtown”); maybe “GCB” will be the hit that has eluded her.

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