Steve Israel to guide Democrats congressional campaign committee

Rep. Steve Israel of New York was named to run the next congressional elections for Democrats. He will replace Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) as chairman of the Demo-

cratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Israel, a pro-Israel leader in the House who has a background in Jewish communal work, has consistently won his Long Island swing district since 2000.

“Steve Israel has demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in recruiting candidates, in attracting resources, and in communicating core Democratic values for middle class and working families,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D–San Francisco), the outgoing Speaker of the House, said in a statement Nov. 19. “As DCCC chairman, Congressman Israel’s practical experience in running and winning in difficult districts will provide critical leadership for Democrats to regain the majority in 2012.”

DCCC chairmen are generally tapped from among the party’s most formidable fundraisers.

The National Jewish Democratic Council praised the choice of Israel, a member of the center-right “Blue Dog” caucus.

“We know him to be a true leader who will help to spread both Democratic and Jewish values,” David Harris, the council’s president, said in a statement. — jta