Israeli archaeologists discover ancient fort

Israeli archaeologists uncovered a large fortification likely used by the Canaanites and dating to the Middle Bronze period.

The 26-foot-high, very thick wall was likely used by the Canaanites to protect the path to an important water source, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The discovery, in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park in the City of David, is “the first time that such massive construction that predates the Herodian period has been discovered in Jerusalem,” according to a news release from the IAA.

A small section of the wall was discovered in 1909, but the recent excavations determined how large the wall actually is. Nearly 80 feet of the wall has now been uncovered, but it is believed that it continues to run westward beyond the part that was exposed.

The fortification was to be revealed to the public for the first time Sept. 3 as part of the 10th Annual Archaeological Conference on the discoveries in the City of David. — jta