Are your ready for your HDTV close-up

By 2009, all television broadcasters will have to switch to HDTV (high definition TV). Typically this change would affect only Hollywood, but with HD camcorders already available on the consumer market, it’s only a matter of time before your wedding memories and vacation souvenirs are recorded on an HD camera.

And that means we all have to start worrying about every wrinkle, pockmark and shadow. The naked eye might not see any imperfections on your skin, but the HD camera won’t miss a flaw. While the technology has been rapidly growing, the beauty industry has been in dire need of makeup exclusively geared toward solving these dilemmas.

Professional makeup is one solution. One company, Kryolan, has created a HD makeup line tailored specifically for high-resolution cameras. Products are said to give users porcelain-perfect skin before the camera.

“The camera sees every flaw,” says Claudia Longo, CEO of Kryolan, adding that HD brought on the “challenge to create a new generation of makeup that meets the demanding requirements of HD . . . ensuring that every camera light and angle is a good one.” — ara content