Married in the park, couple holds picnic to celebrate 50th anniversary

Albert and Annie Simon were married 50 years ago in Cleveland on June 16, 1946.

We had the chutzpah to make an unprecedented request to the city council — asking for permission to have an outdoor ceremony take place in the beautiful Hebrew Cultural Gardens.


After a pow-pow between and among the members of the council, we actually were issued a special permit — (along with a uniformed cop) to allow the ceremony to proceed.

The scenario assumed the looks of a “shotgun” wedding – and to this day we still get kidded about it.

So for our 50th we’re back in the park again at San Francisco’s Mountain Lake Park. (No cops this time.)

As a special gift, nieces Sue Barnett and Dee-Dee Sberlo asked guests to send pictures for a photo montage as well as their earliest and funniest memories.

On the cake was written “And they said it wouldn’t last,” Annie and Albert’s perennial response to comments about how long they’ve been married.

J. Staff