Visitors dig history at Kfar Kedem

Kfar Kedem operates a genuine ancient olive press. As described in ancient texts, the olives are crushed, then pressed to extrude the precious oil that formed the mainstay of the ancient Galilean economy.

Groups of schoolchildren take a stab at plowing, planting and harvesting fields of wheat, using tools and methods described in the Talmud and the Mishnah — the code of oral laws within the Talmud.

The pride of Kfar Kedem is the fleet of over 60 donkeys that transport guests over the Galilee trails that were "highways" in biblical times. Groups and individual visitors are encouraged to dress in period costume, and are led over trails to nearby hilltops where a guide explains the area's history.

Kfar Kedem operates daily except on Shabbat. Reservations can be made through Kfar Kedem, Mitzpe Hoshaya, telephone 06-565511.