Jewish Bulletin back then 100 years ago

75 years ago

April 1, 1921

The Young Men's Hebrew Association on Haight Street hosts a seder for 200 Jewish servicemen stationed in and around San Francisco.

50 years ago

March 22, 1946

The Commission on European Jewish Cultural Reconstruction in New York releases a listing of 3,500,000 books and 5,000 rare manuscripts that the Nazis took from Jewish libraries.

25 years ago

April 2, 1971

The largest group of Soviet Jews, estimated at 150, arrives at Lydda Airport in Tel Aviv.

10 years ago

April 4, 1986

During a trip to Israel, San Francisco Supervisors Willie Kennedy and John Molinari visit a 15-year-old Kiryat Shmona boy in Haifa's Rambam Hospital, who suffered head injury during a shelling attack in his schoolyard from across the Lebanon border.