AOLs Jewish Community forum to host online seder on April 8

AOL’s Jewish Community forum will host an interactive seder led by Rabbi Arnold D. Samlan, education director of the Jewish National Fund in New York. The seder, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 8 in AOL’s coliseum auditorium, will feature a short version of the traditional Passover ceremonial meal along with explanations about the holiday.

AOL members are encouraged to bring their seder plates to the computer as Samlan explains the significance of the of the holiday’s symbols, including the bitter herbs, the roasted lamb shank bone, the four glasses of wine or grape juice and other elements of the seder.

Each symbol helps illustrate the dramatic story of Passover and remind us what life was like for Jews who were slaves in Egypt and then miraculously led to freedom by Moses.

Several haggadot are available in the AOL Jewish Community forum’s download library. Mem-bers may also download recipes, Passover stories and many informative articles about the holiday and the seder meal.

During the eight days of Passover, which begins Wednesday night, Jews refrain from eating bread and leavened products to recall the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, when they didn’t have time to wait for their bread to rise.

At the seder, it is traditional to play a children’s game with a piece of matzah called the afikomen. The afikomen is hidden and children are given a chance to find it in exchange for a prize. The Jewish Community forum will be hiding its own afikomen somewhere within the online forum. All AOL members — not just children — will be encouraged to play the game “Find the Afikomen.” Winners will receive free time on AOL.

The Jewish Community also announces the launch of a Judaica store in time for the holiday, with many ritual Passover items, gifts and books, along with other Judaica. The bookstore carries many new Passover books.

The Jewish Community forum on AOL is published by Jewish Community OnLine, a San Francisco corporation affiliated with the Jewish Bulletin.

Personal computer owners can obtain America Online software by calling the Jewish Community OnLine at (415) 263-7200.