In first person…Blind dates: Meet in the a.m. over bagels

*You can get a good look at the other person. If you go to dinner in a dimly lit restaurant, you'll never know if he looks like Redford or Red Buttons.

*Breakfast is cheap. If you're the guy, you won't spend too much if she's a pass. If you're a woman and he turns out to be one of those jerks who wants to split the bill, you won't spend very much.

*You can get out of there quickly. How much time does it take to eat a bagel? You can always come up with an excuse: "Oh, I've got to get to my office to catch up on some work. It was very nice meeting you." You're outta there.

On the perfect breakfast date, you meet at Noah's. Tell her what you will be wearing and ask her what she will be wearing. But do not wear that. When you show up, you will know who she is by her clothes, but she will not know who you are. So, if she does not look like your type, you're outta there. Women, this will also work for you.

Of course, if he lies about he's going to wear and she lies about what she's going to wear, then the scenario gets interesting: The woman goes around all morning hesitantly asking every man who isn't wearing a wedding ring, "Are you David?" He goes around asking every available woman, "Are you Cheryl?"

The upshot is that they've wound up meeting five times as many people.

Hope this advice is valuable.