Bar-Ilan publicity chief resigns after flap about Amirs picture

JERUSALEM — The public relations director of the American Friends of Bar-Ilan University has resigned amid a storm over a Bar-Ilan brochure with a picture of Yitzhak Rabin's confessed assassin.

University president Moshe Kaveh told Rabin's widow Leah Rabin on Friday of last week that the executive committee of American Friends had accepted the resignation of Hedy Shulman, after its investigation revealed she was responsible for the inclusion of Yigal Amir's pictures in the pamphlet.

The booklet, distributed at a dinner honoring the late prime minister in New York last month, featured Amir's picture because of "compounded human error," Kaveh said, and Shulman's resignation was effective immediately.

The committee also informed the university of its commitment to closely coordinate all future publications with university authorities in Israel.

Kaveh has ordered tighter controls and supervision over the work of, and publications issued by, Friends of Bar-Ilan abroad, the university spokesman said.

Kaveh also appointed the university's vice president for research, Professor Shlomo Grossman, to oversee both the review of all existing Bar-Ilan publications in Israel and abroad, as well as an updated system for approving publications in the future.

Kaveh said Bar-Ilan University — where Amir was a law student — has taken steps to study the content of courses and student activities on the campus following the assassination.

The committee in charge of those initiatives is headed by former Attorney-General Yosef Harish, and is expected to issue recommendations in a month.