First Person: Ice-cream maker package reveals faux-pas of giver

In 1974, I married my first husband and good friends of his got married a week later. Of course, they came to our wedding, and gave us a gift. We received an ice-cream maker from them, which was something we had wanted. When we thoroughly emptied the carton, we found a second wedding card; it was addressed to them! Obviously, they had received the ice-cream maker as a gift, did not want it, and gave it to us. We never told them about the card.

My first husband and I divorced 13 years ago. Although I got rid of him, I kept the ice-cream maker. But when I used it last summer, making chocolate-chocolate chip with my 15-1/2 year old son, Adam, the ice cream just wasn't creamy enough, so maybe it's time to get rid of it, too.