Women win right to fly

Reserve Gen. Ran Goren, a former deputy head of the air force and former head of the Israel Defense Force manpower division, called the ruling "revolutionary."

He told Israel Radio that it raised not only the issue of women being combat pilots, but also serving in combat positions in the army's other branches.

Women's rights activists hailed the ruling Wednesday of last week as a breakthrough for women.

"We have removed a real obstacle of discrimination against women," said Meretz Knesset member Naomi Chazan, who accompanied Miller throughout her legal battle.

For the South African-born Miller, the ruling means she can take tests to see whether she qualifies for the pilots' training course. She studied aeronautical engineering at Haifa's Technion Institute and has a civil pilot's license.

In their ruling, the judges called for equal treatment for all prospective candidates.

The two dissenting judges said the air force does not have facilities to accommodate women, but the ruling will now force all the necessary accommodations to be made.