46% of Palestinians say pact means state

However, only 20 percent consider Israel will be serious in implementing the agreement.

Another 64 percent think Israel will not be serious about implementation, and 16 percent have no opinion.

Thirty-six percent support the repeal of anti-Israel provisions in the Palestinian National Charter, while 34 percent are against this and 30 percent have no opinion.

The poll, with a 3.5 percent margin of error, registered 34 percent still in favor of "military operations against Israeli targets."

In a poll by the PCPO five months ago 60 percent supported attacks.

The two issues in the accord that drew the most negative response are prisoners and Hebron, with 54 percent unhappy with arrangements for a three-stage prisoner release and 59 percent opposed to the arrangements in Hebron.

The poll said 72 percent wanted a "democratic republican" regime in a future state; 24 percent wanted an "Islamic caliphate" and 4 percent wanted "a monarchy."