World Report

PARIS (JTA) — A French official will appear before a court here in September on charges that his book contains language that will incite others to hate and discriminate against Arabs, Jews and blacks.

Jean de Boishue, secretary of state in charge of universities, published "Suburb My Love" in May.

The book is "full of totally racist ideas freely expressed," said the lawyers of both SOS-Racisme, the nationally known association fighting against racism, and a young West Indian man living in Bretigny, a suburb of Paris administered by de Boishue.

In a chapter titled "The New Castaways," de Boishue writes about the travels of a Jewish couple, Vital and Louise, who constantly are on the move.

Of Vital, also called "the Wandering Jew," de Boishue writes that he "was perpetuating the fate of his forebears," that "his six brothers and sisters were already colonizing all the planet" and that if he chose Paris, it was because "in a real city there is always some space for a merchant; for a Jew there will always be a street belonging to Jews."

Dutch Jews protest ads against AIDS

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — Some Jews here have voiced their opposition to an outdoor advertisement campaign against AIDS.

The advertisement depicts a nude black man and a white woman, who is in her underwear and is holding a condom. In the ad, the woman is saying to the man: "If you put something on, I take something off."

The Dutch health minister, Elizabeth Borst, said she would not take any steps to thwart the campaign.

The minister said public health is more important than some people feeling offended.

"The freedom of choice is a very important right to me," Borst said. "For the cause of public health we need to have an open eye for people who like to have changing sexual contacts."

Anonymous Orthodox Jews who found such a poster in a bus shelter in front of an Amsterdam synagogue put a sticker over the nude bodies with a text promoting monogamy between husband and wife.

The Central Israelite Consistoire for the Benelux, the umbrella body for Jewish groups in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, filed a complaint at the district attorney's office in Amsterdam.