Baked bean labels aid Mazon fund for hungry

Consumers can place labels in "Save A Label, Share Your Table" collection bins located at area synagogues as well as grocery and specialty food stores. Labels may also be mailed to "Share Your Table," Heinz USA, P.O. Box 57, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0057. Consumers can also call (800) 872-2229 for a free recipe brochure and coupon.

San Francisco, chosen for its strong Jewish community, is one of only three U.S. cities selected to participate in "Save A Label, Share Your Table." The program is expected to generate up to $20,000 for the hungry. Boston and Chicago also will be participating in the label-saving effort.

"The labels collected will amount to much more than a hill of beans," says Heinz vegetarian beans associate product manager René Ralston. "Each label translates into vital provisions for local Mazon partners — whose efforts put food on the plates of people in need."

Heinz' relationship with the Jewish community dates back to 1923, when Heinz vegetarian beans was among the first products geared to the kosher consumer.

Not only did Heinz develop production standards consistent with kosher dietary laws, Heinz marketers also worked with the United Federation of Orthodox Rabbis to design the first symbol for labeling kosher products — the widely recognized Circle U.

Mazon will use the money raised in San Francisco to fuel its many programs, including kosher meals-on-wheels for the homebound elderly; food banks and food pantries in rural areas and inner cities; multiservice centers that provide homeless families with food, shelter and counseling; and state and national organizations that work for long-term solutions to hunger.

"As individuals, we have the power to do good and to make a difference," says Irving Cramer, executive director of Mazon. "Programs like `Save A Label, Share Your Table' allow us to do something small, yet impact the lives of so many."

Since 1988, Mazon (the Hebrew word for "food") has granted more than $6 million to organizations that confront hunger domestically and abroad.